Friday, February 16, 2007

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Wintryyy wArwick!

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Moments before we sleep are the WorsT and Best moments!

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Noora's 20th Birthday Bash @ this swanky restaurant called Lola.. the food was beautiful!

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I love Belgium..its Quaint...

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Its All About the Foodd.. Yums. Waffles waffles!

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Its snowingggggggg like crazy!!
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*addie* ponders at 1:50 PM has been exacttly a month since i last blogged. I find blooggin more and more of a chore now. Uni life is pretty much a routine life..and bloggin abt routine life doesnt seem exciting at all... the usual travelling spurts.. the parties @ the union...etc etc. Although i must admit life's been good thus far..

Went on a eurostar trip to Brussels with some wacky crazy seminar mates, by far the best ever course mates. Did loads of nutty stufff..ate loadsssssss of mussels & waffles...and am nursing a toothache now =/ tho its well worth it. Too much to say abt Belgium, so pictures will tell the tales.

Came back from a holiday to receive a conditional offer frm LSE to do a Msc in Comparative Politics. Brilliant stuff. Just what i needed. And its reading week this week which means quite the opposite.. zero readings & catching up on all my tv series. Back on my gymming routine.. been watchin VS fashion show 2006 over and over just to motivate myself. QY's coming in week 9..catching up with the girly mates then! Wheepee.

Dee's gone on a holiday to Jordan.. and it feels weird missing a rooomie.. just got to get used to it till she returns! 4 weeks to end of term & to Munich for a holiday!!! & Maybe Switzerland -again- with Wanny & Damilola.. I cant everrr resist travelling.

So far so good..everything's picking up. =p

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A year older..but never been happier. First of all.. its thanks to Darling dee..who's always by my side, through everything. Hence i will start with this shot..simply the two of us. Spent my 22nd birthday with people whom i love and adore.. Posted by Picasa

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